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TubeBuddy Suggestion Feedback and Suggestions for Canned Responses

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I recently decided to respond to all of my historic comments that I have never responded to because I am tired of seeing them in my feed and YT has no other way of dismissing them. For the last week, whenever I have a little time, I have been using it to respond to comments. I use multiple devices throughout the day. Mostly I use my Desktop, sometimes my laptop, and sometimes my smartphone. I mention this because Canned responses function differently on each of these platforms.

The TL.DR version of this is that Canned Response are GREAT, but they really only work correctly and efficiently on a Desktop widescreen monitor (1920x1080 resolution). On this format, they are great, but only on this format. Here are some issues with using Canned responses on other formats.

Ultrawide Screen: I have a 17" MSI Gaming laptop with an Ultra-wide screen monitor ( 2560×1080 ). Pretty much all modern laptops have ultrawide screens these days. On this format, it is a lot more difficult to use canned responses because of the way the YT studio is displayed, which only has enough vertical space to show a couple of lines of comments. So when you click on the TB icon and the Canned Responses dropdown box pops up, the box extends off the bottom of the screen. The box does not have a scroll function, so if you have more than a few canned responses, you can't see them. Trying to scroll down causes the popup box to disappear. The effect of this is that you must always assure the comment you are trying to respond to is at the very top of the comment box so you will be able to see more than three canned responses when the box pops up.

Smartphone: Where as on a PC, canned response are a function of a plugin that works inside of YT studio, on a smartphone it does not work with the YT Studio app, it is a separate function of the TubeBuddy app. On a PC, in YT Studio, canned responses is very fast to use. It is 2 clicks all on the same screen. Clcik the TB icon, click on the response. Your done. In the TB app though, it is very cumbersome to use canned responses. It takes 5 clicks to use canned responses and it has to load three different screen. It is slow and inefficient to use on the smartphone app. This is important because the purpose of Canned Response is to speed things up, not slow them down.

Suggestions for improvement.

The developers need to check cross-platform compatibility. I am a website designer myself and I do this on the websites I build all the time. People don't just use a single device these days, and very few people use Desktop PCs with widescreen monitors, which is the only platform that Canned Responses works right with. One way to fix the compatibility issue with the ultra-widescreen would be to make the popup box scrollable. If that is too difficult, then the popup box should be made border sensitive. This means that if the comment is close to the bottom, instead of up dropping down below the screen, it drops UP towards the top. The same as the Context Menu on a desktop, for example. If you right-click on an icon near the top of the screen, the context menu appears below the icon, but if you rich click on an icon at the bottom of the screen, the context menu appears above the icon.

2. In the smartphone app, the developers need to smooth this out and remove at least three steps and any screen load. The way it functions now. it is just not worth the effort to use. It is faster to type the responses manually in the Studio app.

I hope this information can be passed on to the developers. I would really like to see improvements to this feature as I really like it.