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Needed: Travel Channels to support each other via end-screen exchange

Amanda Summers

Known Member
I kept seeing the checklist with 'creator recommended' and wondered how I could get that to work for me. So, what I came up with is an end screen exchange where you would put one of my thumbnails up at the end of one of your videos and I do the same for you. Doing this can grow your authority for the algorithm.
My channel is about Nepal. Food, customs, places to see, festivals, etc. I have some 360 walking videos and even some drone footage, everything is at least 4k. I just did an exchange with another travel channel.
My channels are both small, but our content is a bit different from most and our B-roll is stabilized and color graded. Most importantly, we help tourists enjoy their time in Nepal even more. Anyone interested in growing with me please post a response to let me know.