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YouTube Tips Does doing an end-screen exchange give a channel creator authority?

Amanda Summers

Known Member
I was researching videos prior to uploading and I came across a good, small Youtube channel that had a video that went well with the one I was posting. I reached out to him and we are doing an end-screen exchange. Does this give us authority or is 'authority' something else?

Stanley | Team TB

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Authority is a reflection of how much experience and strength your channel has in a certain field. For example, I have zero 'Authority' in the niche of fishing. It's just too broad, there are too many channels and too many videos out there to be considered an authority on the subject of fishing. But if you were to do a search for 'fishing on Padre Island' you will see that my videos hold a lot of the high ranking search positions. I am an authority on the subject of fishing in this little tourist destination.

Exchanging end screens doesn't necessarily give your channel experience and strength in a particular subject. It does however tie you to each other, and if your individual niches are very similar then it will expand on the breadth of your authority.

Long story short; yes, it does increase your Authority... but in a roundabout sort of way.


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Wow, I've always asked the same question. I would love to see how this will work for you.

I have a lot of videos that I have not posted in my Youtube channel and I'm hoping to do so soon. I was active on youtube before but did not go nowhere. Now I'm determined to try again.

I made it a goal to reach a Million subscribers by the end of 2023. My wife and I are working on some great content that we are hoping to mix with the videos we made in the past and see how it will go. One of our goals is to do collaboration with other channels. I already got with a friend of mine and did a video about his channel and we are working a deal where he will link to our website in his description.

Long story short, I really think that working together with other creator is a great way to showcase your work.

Good luck with everything!


New Member
you can try, why not? Of course, this is not a guarantee of success, but already something. by the way you have an interesting presentation of the material, it's a pity that so few people know about you. ever thought of joining the air creators ecosystem? there are a lot of cool tools there, I myself promote the channel from scratch, and all their options raise the statistics perfectly.