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Movies/TV Creating a channel around vintage commercial content

The Jungle Explorer

I should have been born 200 years ago!
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So, I have been converting some old 8mm takes to digital and ran across some vintage outdoor sports related content recorded from TV or cable (not sure which one). I searched around the web to see if this content was already online somewhere and to my surprise, it is non-existent online. The most I could find was a few references to it in old magazine articles. I love watching this vintage content just to see and hear how people lived and thought fifty and sixty years ago. I have quite a bit of it and I was considering posting it online for people to enjoy, on a channel just for this type of content. I have no desire to monetize it because I am not the creator, I just think it is too neat to be forgotten in the annals of time. I am sure everyone involved in the making is dead or close to it. They worked so hard to make it, it makes me feel sad that it is not available online anywhere for people to enjoy and learn from.

I just wanted to hear some opinions about doing this?