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Channel Review Channel review

Yours Truly

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Hi JGUNNERP. I think your channel looks nice, but at first I was confused when just viewing your banner, icon, and suggested video. My first thought when seeing it was that you were maybe a travel channel or vlog channel since your suggested video was a vlog with your sister. Once I started looking more in depth at your channel I see that you are a gamer and make videos on Roblox and then throw in some random videos every once in a while, which I like. With that being said, I would suggest changing your suggested video to something that relates more to what you want to be known for (maybe one of your most popular Roblox videos). Your thumbnails look really nice and make me interested in the videos. I would say maybe add more to your "About" Section of your channel also, and say that you enjoy playing Roblox, are a video game channel, something like that, because for me that is one of the first places I go on a channel. I want you to give me a reason to watch your channel, and I want to feel like I know you a little bit more before diving into watching videos. I think you are on a good track though!


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Thank yow mate for the advice i will look through it and continue to what relates me more I hope people would be interested since I really want to continue this

Super Cooper Hobbies

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I would recommend redoing your banner so that people can tell what you do from a quick glance. You also seem to be doing many different types of content and they don't seem to relate. I used to do the same thing, and it won't help you, I would recommend niching down a bit. Your Roblox videos seem to do well, maybe do more of those? Some of your thumbnails are also unclear, maybe clear those up?

Overall, you seem like you're off to a good start! Good luck!