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YouTube Opinion Dislike abuse issue & a better banning/block feature.

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I don't care if they dislike the video my issue is they are not giving feedback or using it for what it's REALLY for. People are still going to hate they are just gonna hit 1. I also asked I am now hearing different things from people on Youtube. Yes if affects your channel then I hear no it doesn't. I just want to see who is doing it. I think I know who is doing a mass dislike but I can't be sure.
Do you honestly think any voting (like/dislike etc) on the internet is used for its real purpose?

Also, and i'm asking for honesty here, if someone dislikes your video and chose to hit the dislike button, are you expecting them to actually leave a comment to say why? I would fear that if YouTube added the mandatory comment for any dislikes that they would do the same for likes, which would further cause issues for channels.

I understand in your case getting 10 dislikes in quick time after upload is more like hate/bullying and therefore not using it for its real purpose, but whenever there is a like/dislike system it is always abused, YouTube is no different.

I am honestly curious as to why you suddenly get these dislikes the moment you upload. Sounds to me like there could be a bot involved. Dislikes can also come in waves from paid advertisements when you promote a video through YouTube, but you may not be doing that anyway.


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Much of the dislike problem was organized dislike bombing of a channel - the people knew they were hurting the channel, that was their intention. I honestly do not see how making dislikes invisible to viewers is supposed to fix that...

A few random dislikes are probably not going to affect the video too much (I hope).
Yea it also sucks that I have to do paid contest until youtube fixes this issue. So people who hate me who want to win something they have to pay. It just sucks my subs have to suffer & pay when I do want to offer free giveaways but I REFUSE to give something away for free to people who hate & still follow my channel & EVERY upload. I mean just make it so only we creators can see it as I said. YOUTUBE refuses to answer my comments or emails. I have been keeping my eye on this site called DTube though.