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Video Review i need a suggestion about to improve my videos & get more viewer


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I did a quick scan of the video. The background music is loud. I had to turn down the volume to scan your video. Background music should stay more subtle. There are no voiceovers or anyone teaching or telling the viewer what is going on. It is entirely based on watching. However, inexperienced viewers may not be understanding finer points without explanation.

I view these types of DIY videos (and produced a couple myself) and I very much believe in having a voiceover at least to guide the visual narrative. If English is NOT your native language, it will be tougher. You may have to put more instructional text to compensate.

Amanda Summers

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If you can think of all the questions your viewer might ask, be sure to answer all of them in the voice-over or in text boxes. If you say it you can keyword it, but if you don't use the word the algorithm won't accept it and you'll never rank. I read that you shouldn't put those words in the chapters because people will just see the answer from the heading and skip a lot of watch time.


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Hello! I would definitely use voiceover because it is unclear what you are doing and if I was someone who would want to fix PS3 I would not understand anything. It seems like you know what you are doing and you are really knowledgeable in this, so what I would suggest is to make the video shorter, only use a short part of the time-lapse and talk as you show what you do!

Good luck with everything