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Video Review Working on my format and camera work. Feedback much appreciated.


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User name: minusthirtyfilms
Title of thread: Working on my format and camera work. Feedback much appreciated.
Self review: I've been working on my camera wor, experimenting with each video. I've also changed up my format a bit. I think it's fun and engaging, but that's me. The editing is suppose to look low-fi, and I hope people can tell it's part of the joke. Any feedback is great. Good, bad, ugly - let me know.
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://youtu.be/5_chqieAQ6k

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/47435/post-149954

Prompt Review

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Your camera quality is great. I don't know what camera you use but the definition is highly impressive and doesn't reflect to me a channel or video of an amatuer --- (with that being said) the first 18 seconds of your "opening" although I know you made the comment that there is supposed to be a joking vibe or visual element, that part almost made me click off the video because it is so far removed and divided from the high cooking quality content you provided after the opening sequences. It looks like the opening should be a part of a totally separate and less interesting different kind of video. If it were my opinion, I would leave that out. I think your screenplay or camera zoom movements, and even motion graphic transitions in the beginning with the food on display is sufficient and for your video best served and more than suitable enough. Full point: I would get rid of the intro. Secpmd to that, I like the focus zoom on your face and how close you are to the camera, you really hav a good enough video in my opinion without all the text-on-screen extras (like the It's Winipeg. in January". To me, it just throws off the vibe and I would rather and suggest you let your personality on the camera do the carrying of your video and subject matter of cooking as well for you. I like the Cooke with Chris intro scene. I think that could substitute the beginning as well (maybe start the video off with that and then the food cross screen fade transition scenes. You have really great subject matter, video is easy to follow, the text on screen from time to time in my opinion just detracts and takes away from it. I think you're trying to add in things (because maybe you think they're needed) but honestly you just do not need it.I would rather see you on screen doing the cooking minus all the theatrical bits of theater or in between talking forms of comedic relief for entertainment. Own your confidence, and let the cooking and your personality and personhood shine through - IT IS enough for the video! (and I mean that as I true compliment. You've got good stuff, I just think it is clouded and you might want to focus on taking all the lofi comedic away. (You could have an audience for it who will like, but when I think of cooking channel, or video, I just want to see the cooking. No fillers or substitute things. But, that's just my opinion! Good luck on the video and channel! Really liked watching

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Man I am loving this! The pacing is perfect, the editing is fantastic and the humor is lively. Keep going with this, I think you've got a winning style!