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YouTube Opinion Is YouTube dying or growing?

Stanley | Team TB

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It's growing... YouTube posted record revenue in 2021 and is currently the leading video-hosting platform on the internet. That having been said, they did not grow as much last year as they had in previous years and Tik Tok was actually the most visited video platform in 2021.


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As I see it, the question is very broad and has a 2nd meaning behind it. If someone wants to get into Minecraft or anything video game-related, I imagine it will be tough going due to certain niches being so saturated.

Even if YT had stagnated growth, it would not deter me to go forward simply because the niche YT owns which is long-form content and the premium Google search position it has.

Until I see another platform that really embrace and becomes known for searchable long-form content, YT (strategically speaking) is for me.

If someone wants to do short-form content only, Instagram and Tiktok are the top two that I would spend time on.

Having said all that, it is still good to hear that YT is still on a growth path.

Tito Tim

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Tik Tok is the king of short form video right now, but for real videos YouTube is still the only major player in town. I do not know of any site that is close to being a replacement. But... if they do not quit trying to copy Tik Tok, it would not surprise me if someone else came in and took over. I kind of doubt it, though. YouTube being Google, I think they will be around for quite a while yet. No signs of dying so far.