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Thumbnail Feedback My thumbnails

Theory Guitar

Guitarist and YouTube Enthusiast
TubeBuddy User
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I like the left one but the writing is hard to read I would change the color.

Amanda Summers

Known Member
What if you put the type in one color and the shadow something else. You could put it in blue to match the sky in the background. Do people really care about the info you put on the second line? I didn't understand it, but I'm not in NY. Maybe keeping that info would make you seem more of an expert.

Nothin' But Gadgets

Familiar Member
TubeBuddy Pro
Both of your thumbs are way too busy. On a smartphone screen, the viewer will not be able to read or tell anything about the thumb. Lose the fancy font, use contrasting colors, and use no more than four words. Also, brighten up the background image.

Vince Alvino

Ham Shack Reviews
TubeBuddy Pro
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I would not use either, thumbnails may only get a quick glance to get enough interest for someone to click on it. Plus it will not be very large on the page. You want the image to be easy to see and the text to pop out and grab someone, both of these should tell what the video is about.
Experiment with images and colors, to you find one easy to read and attention grabbing.