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YouTube Tips I QUIT!

Stanley | Team TB

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"Doing Everything Right." I have heard that so many times... never once by someone 'doing it right.' Those who are doing it right hold themselves far more accountable for their work. And of course there is no mention of an actual focus on the audience.

It's Not YouTube's fault.

If people aren't watching your videos is it maybe because you are not making videos they want to watch? Maybe there should be less focus on vanity sub counts and more time spent thinking about what your audience might enjoy.

Anyone who cares to rant feel free... I think this thread can be a fun space for venting.


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As far as I am concerned, it is Youtube's fault for:

1. Not designing or making thumbnails for me
2. Not being my camera person & film video for me
3. Not speaking into my camera
4. Not tagging my videos
5. Not writing my outlines and scripts
6. Not hiring me a video editor
7. Not forcing all users to view my videos & visit my channel.
8. Not having 1 Million subscribers in less than 1 year.

Yes, I have a lot of grievances against YouTube and what I will do is sit in a corner and sulk and protest until Youtube gets it's act together!
I want it made clear that I am terribly angry with Youtube at my results!

P.S. For the humor-challenged, everything I wrote above was a sarcastic "rant". :cool:

Super Cooper Hobbies

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Well, you can't expect youtube to just do the work for you. Its slow at the beginning, and people who go in expecting to blow up and do well from the start have false expectations and are destined for disappointment. Even if you only have a couple viewers, make videos for those viewers. If you provide value in your videos and people enjoy them, then they'll get recommended more, and people will watch them all the way through. If no-one's watching your videos, its cause they haven't been received well, and so youtube doesn't have a reason to spread it.

Spanglish | Team TB

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You know, when I started making videos I was like most people. Expecting to become the next Markiplier or Shroud. I had zero knowledge on how YouTube actually worked. But I gave it a try. I was shocked I managed to get around 160 subs before I stopped uploading videos. I had uploaded less than 100 videos in 2 years. Loved every minute of it. But life got in the way and was forced to give up the fun. But I never complained about not growing and wanting to give up. Instead I found TubeBuddy just before I stopped so I could get better. But, like I said, life got in the way. But I took this downtime from uploading to learn about YouTube and when I start again, this time I'll be in a much better position to grow faster and better. And if I don't at least I'll enjoy the journey.

The Jungle Explorer

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Although there is a lot of truth here, the one thing that is not on here is the simple fact that a diamond is still a diamond even if it cannot be found. While personally, I will never argue that my content is great or even deserving, I have seen great content from awesome channels that have almost no views or subs. It is not for lack of good content that some channels do not get seen, but because there are other powers at play other than the pure organics of viewer choice. These powers have agendas they want to promote and if your content, great as it may be, is not part of that agenda, it may get buried under the content that the powers want people to see so that it is never seen. This is a reality of an internet that is under the control of a handful of monopolistic companies that control all the funding and they have a stranglehold on the flow of information.

With that said, all one can do is try, try, and try again. Keep improving and adjusting as much as possible, but hopefully, never sell your soul in the process.
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