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Gear Advice Using my phone to video

Tito Tim

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My earliest videos (2013) were filmed on a Sony camcorder, from the 1990s. My newest vids are filmed on my phone. The current phone camera is so much better. Even a mid-priced phone, that is a few years old will take good video. There are a lot of channels that use their phone - after all the best camera is the one you have with you. I have a big clunky Fuji that has not left the house in probably 7 years. It takes better pictures (not video) than my phone, but is too much hassle to carry.

Content and personality are more important than your gear. You do want the best video quality you can get, but super expensive gear will not fix bad content.

Super Cooper Hobbies

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I film on my ipad/phone and it works fine, so it shouldn't be a problem. So long as you're providing value in your content, it won't matter if your video quality isn't as good but it should work.


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I glanced at a few of your videos and the quality is fine for just starting out. I would recommend finding a way to increase your voice though. It's quite low even at max volume. Good luck!

The Jungle Explorer

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Most smartphones these days can produce great video. The bigger issue is LIGHTING and SOUND. Because smartphones have tiny sensors, they crave light. Today lighting is dirt cheap and can vastly improve the video quality out of a smartphone. Here is a kit on Amazon for $45. I bought this kit for a friend of mine that makes special hats for female cancer patients (she is a three-time cancer survivor) and she loves it.

If that is too much, here is a bulb I carry with me that can be used in any standard light socket. Running this bulb in conjunction with a couple of regular 60 watt soft-white bulbs can give some nice warm skin tones. Lighting does not get any cheaper than this.

Sound is a different matter. When I am shooting indoors and stationary, I like a studio mic, but this is a little much for a beginner. If your smartphone has an audio jack, then are a ton of great vlogging microphone kits out there to choose from. I personally use the Rode VideoMicro when shooting outdoors because it comes with one of the best dead cat wind filters. If your phone does not have an audio jack, then there are some wireless options, but since I have not used any of them, I can't speak about them. Regardless, you should be able to find a microphone solution that will improve your audio, for under $50. The TAKSTAR SGC-598 can be had for under $30, but again, it requires an audio jack or an adaptor.

Hope this helps
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I think using phones to phone videos are fine as long they are clear and the microphone is clear. YouTube seems to have new technologies to analyze what is going on in the video to predict whether it will be engaging.