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Need Advice How to deal with laziness?

Stanley | Team TB

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That's a hard one. There is a lot of psychology involved in laziness and I am afraid there is no easy answer or solution for this. Laziness inherently combats anything that you would utilize to be 'not lazy.'

I'm a bit of a workaholic and I force myself to follow some pretty strict routines... this has benefitted me tremendously (it would be very easy for me to get super lazy in my current environment). Give yourself a breakdown of the things you need to accomplish every month. You want to make four videos and this includes 2 social media posts per video. That means that every week you need to publish a video and make two posts. Tuesday afternoons are the times when things are most quiet around the house so that will be filming time, you don't get to watch TV on Wednesday until the video is edited and in the upload process to YouTube. Thursday you don't get to play video games until you have pictures/video clips edited and ready to roll for social media. Make your first social media post Saturday morning, publish your video on Sunday and then make a follow-up social media post Monday.

This is an example of how I manage myself; every single day I have a set list of tasks that must be accomplished before I can relax. It's my job. But once these tasks are complete I am done; I give myself that break and I relax. And I follow these rules explicitly... every day. Every week. Have for five years now regardless of views or subscribers, dud videos or foul weather. That having been said I also give myself two months off every year where I force myself not to touch YouTube. I try to keep it fresh that way.


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Yeah, it's easy to be lazy when working for yourself. I have a personality that says, "Play first and work later, if there is enough time." For me it's important to define my play as my work. It's kind of like fooling a kid into dashing dishes is playing in the water.

I'm also a strategic thinking person. I'd much rather work at designing systems that get the work done for me. That way I can devise more systems to get more work done without me doing anything. So, for every video I upload, that's another "bullet in the chamber" that will generate views, subs and sales without me having to get out here sell mouth-to-mouth, belly-to-belly as it were.

I also have to do something different everyday or I will get bored. That's one reason I love fishing because you doing different things at different times of the year.
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How do you guys deal with times of laziness, where you know you need to get something done, but don't feel like it? Thanks!
My thinking is that perhaps you are not "lazy". But perhaps you have a lack of urgency or motivation to do things that "need" to be done. Or you haven't found a compelling "why" to really light a fire under you. People are lit up for different reasons. Some people are naturally competitive and that helps drive them. Some want fame & notoriety. Some want to quit their jobs. Some what to make an impact on the world. Lots of "why's" to move people but without a good "why", people aren't going to get off their tails.

I am going through a transition right now. I am so conflicted about keeping doing things the same way I have been doing putting out a couple of videos per week doing everything myself. But if I do that, I don't think I will have huge leaps of growth because editing is a slog for me. It takes a lot of my energy away.

For me, the long-term benefit of where I want to be. And for me, I have to get real that I need some help on video editing to get my time back. So, I have to put in the time and pain to finding, training, and guiding a video editor. Of course, the painful part of this is I have to spend ADDITIONAL time to train and then pay for this and suffer further production hits.

I want to be "lazy" and just produce the videos the way I have been doing getting incremental growth. But that is just not acceptable to me. I know I can do much better. For me, it is all about execution and that is what I am focused on.

I see things the same way @Damon does. Each video for me is not a vanity project. Each one needs to have some marketing value and follow me no matter where I go geographically. I don't want to market or sell one-on-one. Each video has tremendous leverage when released into the world. But I have to do my part.

Although I enjoy the creative process, my YT channel is meant to deliver business opportunities and expand my network and increase revenue. And that is what drives me to overcome my ongoing tendency to be lazy.