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Forum News Is This The Place You Need It To Be?!

Stanley | Team TB

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Hello TubeBuddies and Happy New Year!

We hope that you had an amazing holiday season and that you are ready to hit the ground running in in 2022… and we want to help you to achieve everything that you can! Which is why we need some input from you.

How Can We Help You Better In 2022?

One of the things that is most notable about TubeBuddy is this amazing community; we hear it every where we go. You make us special. And we want to make improvements to give you the best possible space to get access to the community, to get answers to the questions you have and ultimately to ensure that every single person here gets as much out of their YouTube experience as possible.

We would like to start by asking for your thoughts and input regarding our Community Forum.

What would you like to see more of in the Forums?
Is there anything you think we should get rid of?
What do you find most useful about the Forum and is it valuable to you?

Please feel free to Up/Down Vote replies and suggestions so that we can get a better feeling for your suggestions and ideas. If anyone wants to go all out and do a full write-up regarding your thoughts and opinions… good or bad… this is your place to do so. Criticism can be a tough pill to swallow sometimes but we are going to suck it up and take every but of advice that you have to offer into consideration.

2022 is your year to shine, and this is your opportunity to help us do what we can to ensure that you are getting what you need to do so!


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Ok, you might have opened a Pandora's box. This is going to be a long one. Here I go....

First, I want to acknowledge the stakeholders as I see it. TB, TB Staff, TB volunteer moderators, TB subscribers, beginners, intermediate, and advanced YouTubers.

The general hierarchy of a forum community like TB forums is TB management and TB staff. They are the folks who pay to make the TB Forums possible and the staff possible. The TB staff are being paid to do a job here.

The rest of us, including me, are entirely volunteer members. We vote with our time, energy, and attention. We come and go based on how we feel. There are many types of members on the TB forums.

There are "lurkers/observers" who quietly read, observe, and learn. But they may "graduate" to other roles.

There are people who are "askers". They initiate and stimulate discussions by asking questions. Generally, these are beginners or intermediate Youtubers but it can include advanced Youtubers too since no one knows everything about everything.

There are "answerers" who respond to questions. They offer their perspective and views or provide objective answers to objective questions.

Then, there are "contributors" who offer answers, responses, or start conversations. They mix it up with everyone at all levels on most topics. They are sometimes read and observe, sometimes they ask questions, sometimes they offer opinions, sometimes they start new threads of discussions.

Everyone is important to the TB forums for different reasons but true ongoing contributors are hard to find and keep. I've seen a few steady contributors on the TB forums and I appreciate them. When you find them, they should be nurtured to keep them around. Otherwise, if they are not fulfilled, they will move on to something else. This is where TB management and TB moderators do outreach and cultivate relationships. I myself have done this when I ran very busy forums myself. You have to take care of loyal contributors.

Everyone chooses their role from day to day. Every day is different. Some days people are busy and in production mode. Other days are quieter with downtimes. People deal with personal issues. People's moods are different. Forums ebb and flow because it consists of real people living their lives. But the more contributing members we have, the better the chance for ongoing growth of the TB Forums which benefits all members.

Every member comes here for some level of self-interest. Those reasons can vary greatly. It can be to obtain knowledge, get answers to questions, expand their network, create new opportunities, create new friendships/relationships, an expressive outlet, complaining/venting, or it can be an escape.

In all of this, the biggest overriding reason people are here is because of YouTube and we are YT creators (vs. content "lifters"). Most of us, big or small, are trying to improve our YouTube efforts. There is an underlying presumption of optimism that we as creators are empowered to improve what we do. We don't blame all of our YT troubles on YT. Youtube is certainly not perfect but generally we believe it is a positive force and a good purpose to participate and partake in. If some don't agree with that, then we can leave and find somewhere else to go. It is an insult to the rest of us because who support the YT endeavor. We shouldn't have to justify ourselves over this on the TB Forums.

By virtue of a self-empowered attitude, a certain level of self-education, self-care, and self-improvement discussions are in order. I know that sounds a bit airy-fairy to some but creator burnout is recognized by YT and all the major social media companies. So, not, it may SOUND like airy-fairy, but it's a real thing.

My next point might upset some people. Not everyone should be on the TB Forums and maybe they should be disinvited. The TB forum is a privately-owned forum and it is a privilege to have access to this platform, not a right. It is one of TB's "homes" on the Internet and all of us should be respectful to mind our manners as we speak about TB and YouTube and not throw spiteful bombs. I am not into bomb-throwers at all. I am not into people who do hit-and-runs. They should be stopped just like spammers.

We also don't need trolls here. Nor do we need Youtube conspiracy theorists trying to convince us how YT is trying to put us out of business or cripple us. If they wanted that, YT can just shut down our accounts without us asking. (And they do shut people down for people who don't follow the rules!)

It is a waste of forum display space to have those types of members. They can create their own forum if they want to talk about how horrible YT is. If YT is so horrible, then quit and leave the TB forums. Go do something else. The rest of us are here for the large challenge of rewards and risks of playing the YT game.

Youtube is certainly not the end-all, be-all of life and living on this earth. But in the context of the TB Forums, that is why most of us are here. Let's remember this. Not everyone is supportive of this cause or effort.

It is a waste of forum display space to keep revisiting sub4sub, buying subs, buying views, buying YT channels, etc. It is not helpful to keep giving space and speaking to the lowest common denominator. That should stop. "I want to start on Youtube, where do I start?" is a valid question but maybe they should be encouraged to be readers first and not post so much.

The point being is that you don't want first-time visitors coming in and seeing a whole bunch of spam links, illiterate titles, non-English titles, URL titles, and a bunch of low-level topics. It sends the wrong message to new viewers. If we want higher-quality, and high-level contributors, we should strive to have higher-level discussions. Like attracts like.

From my own self-interest, I want to hear from more experienced Youtubers. But the more advanced a Youtuber becomes, the less they need (or want) to partake on the TB Forums if most of the discussions continue to be low-level.

Everyone wants to hang and communicate with more experienced Youtubers but the fastest way to discourage experienced Youtubers is being inundated by beginner questions and discussions and all kinds of nonsensical low-level posts.

No one wants to spend any time answering another inane sub4sub and buying subs question. We need to cut the bottom out to raise the discussion levels. As far as I am concerned, I would compile a list of "forbidden topics" and we never see these topics ever again.

This one is a bit touchier. Like it or not, TB is an American company. The dominant language in business is English. Posts in non-English languages will largely languish and go unanswered. Most of us are not going to run posts through Google Translate. Posts not in English take up valuable display space. If people are going to post on TB forums, they should post in English. Otherwise, they should find another forum in their own native language.

Most people who have spent meaningful time on YT recognize it is an entrepreneurial endeavor because most people are trying to monetize. There is very little talk about entrepreneurship, its concepts, and the entrepreneurial spirit.

What absolutely needs to happen on the TB forums is more cross-pollination of ideas. Sometimes the best ideas and insights come from those outside of our normal YT circles.

I might have a few more thoughts but I think this is more than enough, for now!

Thank you @Stanley OrchardBuddy for the opportunity and allow me to share my views.

Nody | Team TB

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I'd like to just bump this thread to make everyone aware that we are still looking the ways to make our community more awesome than it already is! For that, we require everyone's suggestion or ideas as to what is it that you're looking for or what option you'd like to be added to our Forums.

Please head right away to the https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/49211/

We are eagerly waiting to hear your awesome ideas and suggestions to make our forums full of awesomeness!