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Official How to Post a TubeBuddy Feature Request

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Hello TubeBuddy Community!

Check out this video on how to suggest a Feature:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHh5uDVhfvU&list=PLpzjxyndddwLprSjhChOvA-PzAE1QkuAC&via=tb

Prefix: Let us know if you want the feature for all of TubeBuddy, The Forums/Discord Server, or Just the mobile app!

Title: Make sure it's descriptive and explains what you want the feature to Do!

Description: DESCRIBE in detail what you want the tool to do, where you think it could go, and why you think it would be helpful!

As always all forum rules apply!

Voting for feature requests:

On the TubeBuddy Feature Request section it’s broken down into likes and dislikes, similar to YouTube.

In this section, liking means you would like to see this feature added to TubeBuddy and should be a high priority. Disliking means you don’t think that feature should be a priority to be added to TubeBuddy or shouldn’t be added at all.
To vote, you must sign up for a TubeBuddy forum account. Then you can like or dislike feature ideas for Tubebuddy based on what YOU think should be a priority to be worked on. If more people like a suggestion than dislike it will rise up the Feature Request section, and have the highest chance of being added to TubeBuddy!

Similarly to YouTube liking or disliking will be added to a requests overall score. All users get either one like or dislike. All ratings affect the score equally!
Feature requests with the highest likes and engagement will be sent to the developers who will then change the status of the thread prefix to one of the following: Planned, Work In Progress, Completed, or Declined.

Please understand that requests take time to develop and that we will update you when updates are available!

Liking Other Comments:

The same ideas from earlier in this thread apply. However, only rate comments you think should be added to the main suggestion. The developers will take other engagement into designing the feature, and will update you on the progress.
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