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Official YouTube Discussion Section Guidelines

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Stanley | Team TB

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TubeBuddy Staff
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Hello TubeBuddy Community,

We have a many discussion sections, Which will have great conversations but please read this before posting!

Some things to do in the discussion sections:
  • Discuss what Each Discussion section is all about.
  • Ask for suggestions on what to watch/read, or suggest something you like to others.
  • Share your thoughts and opinion in written form.
  • Meet and interact with like minded individuals
Things you should not do in the discussion sections:
  • No advertising Links (No links to your own channel, videos or social media.)
  • No requesting feedback, subscribers, likes, views, etc.
  • Raging, swearing, disrespecting others and in general being mad (Please remember that people state their own opinions here)
  • No Inappropriate Content(Lets not discuss anything that's rated 18+, because this is family friendly forums.)
  • Posting spoilers without using "Spoilers" prefix or writing "Spoilers Alert" at the top of your thread or even in the name of thread. (In short just make sure we know it will be thread with spoilers)
Please Remember that the forum rules also apply here! Thank you for your time!
Not open for further replies.