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TubeBuddy Suggestion Bulk Comments

I have this idea of having a pinned comment from me on all my videos where I provide viewers with a bit of guidance before they post their questions or comments. I would love a feature similar to TubeBuddy's Bulk tools that would allow me to quickly add this pinned comment to all my videos, rather than manually copying and pasting this comment on all my videos one by one. With over 600 videos, this is going to take me a while.


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I only have 100+ videos and making pinned comments wasn't fun. It was tedious and monotonous. Although I am current now, I agree with you it is still a pain to do it for each and every video. In fact, I frequently forget and catch myself some time later.

Shelly Saves the Day

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That would be cool! For future videos going forward, you could set the first comment at time of publish if you schedule with TubeBuddy but yeah, previous videos that would be cool too. The closest thing we have right now would be to add something maybe to top of description, or somewhere in description I suppose. Great suggestion!