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Other What are looking forward to in 2022?


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Thanks for sharing this thread here. I'm going to create and launch my first website online in the next year 2022. I just looking for a reliable website builder who is cheap and up-to-date.

Tito Tim

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Short term I am looking forward to the annual care package my sister sends from the US. (takes about 3 months so should get it for easter ha ha).

As the travel restrictions lessen, I am looking forward to getting back to traveling. We only got 3 or 4 trips last year (but to be fair, one was 5 months long). I need the beach...


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In 2022 in no particular order...

1. I want to go to Vidsummit "affordably"
2. Have a part-time video editor to help get some of my time back
3. Get my real estate brokers license (which might elevate my "status" as a talking head in my topics of choice)
4. Finding someone to do the occasional collab
5. Do more outdoor videos and a vlog for the experience
6. A better home studio setup with a decent background
7. Get into the YouTube Partner Program. (Gotta get my 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours)
8. Become knowledgeable with TB Legend
9. Become more proficient with Discord
10. Develop more relationships within the YouTuber community (so I can accelerate my growth and not feel so alone/solitary on this journey)
11. Monetize my YT channel in a way that goes beyond the YPP program.
12. Become more comfortable on camera and speak more extemporaneously vs. relying on outlines and scripts.

I am sure there is more I want for 2022. But these are the top 12 that came to mind relating to YT.


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Stop driving a cab, since I'm currently driving a cab after the COVID situation happened. And also finish my house, currently repairing and furnishing it, have a ton of yard work too since it's a huge yard