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Affiliate Strategies Advice for New Affiliate This Holiday Season

Stanley | Team TB

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Starting off as an affiliate can be tough... ask anyone who started an Amazon Affiliate account and had trouble getting those initial sales before their account got deleted (I had to reopen mine four times!). This is one of those times when I would encourage you to have a little bigger view of the world. While everyone is taking advantage of trying to secure as many sales as possible I would encourage you to consider this; when you are doing your online shopping this holiday season don't forget the little guys! Make sure to take a moment and utilize the affiliate links of your favorite, smaller YouTube creators. You have the potential to make someone's day just by taking a little extra time to ensure that your purchase gets credited towards a channel who is likely in need of a win!


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Getting support as a begginer has the greatest feeling ,may it be on your YouTube channel or any other thing.We should adopt the culture of supporting the begginers and small brands as you said.


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Run sales with a time constraint. Another strategy to increase sales during the Christmas season is to run popup internet specials.
Make holiday gift guides.
Offer giveaways.
Offer discounts for referrals.
Investigate virtual reality.