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Need Advice What can I do to get a better retention?


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The best watch retention on my channel is 2:27 and the video sill has a low graph. I have been trying new things like making a bunch of cuts to keep the viewers attention, but I’m not getting the results. My latest two videos I made using the cuts were doing better in the watch retention department, but I’m aiming higher. Anything else I could try? (I’m a gaming channel)


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Well, it takes a dedicated study of motion picture. Just a few more cuts isn't going to work.

1. You have to study the hundred years or so of TV, movies and motion picture in order to effectively communicate with video. I never thought I'd say this, but I see most videos the people simply haven't watched much TV or movies. Motion picture is a language. It has to be studied just like English, Spanish, French or Latin.

2. It takes about 1,000 videos to get anywhere on YouTube. That's about a decade if you're producing 100 videos per year.

3. You have to be honest about the kind of video you're making. If it's just another gaming channel, why would anyone watch you play games when they can watch TDM or simply play the game themselves? If there is no real story being told, then there is no reason to watch.

The first thing I usually tell people is buy the book "How to Shoot Video that Doesn't Suck," Steve Stockman. If you're really serious about video It'll take you about two years to implement everything in that book.

The real question is how to make your content better, worth watching. The above book will help with that.
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