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YouTube SEO 250 Words In Description?


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The online youtube SEO instructions I've looked at advise using the max 250 words or more in the description box. I make little 2-5 minute comedy videos and find this hard to do. Is in mandatory I do this to get more views? I'm starting to add links at the bottom of the description box. Does this count? Or must I come up with more original description?


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It's hard for me too. Many times I came up with only one sentence in the description box. :joy:
Perhaps it would be easier if the videos were two-hour movies.
Well, maybe we should look at other people's video desc to get inspiration.

Brave Starr

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The first 100 to 150 characters of your video description will show up on searches so make sure those have the most value with good SEO, keywords and such for better chances of views. You can use templates that can help maintain your description boxes neat, organized and can help ensure to hit those minimum requirements to ensure the YouTube algorithm has enough info to decide who it should show it to and to help it being easier to find in searches. Links to your social media, websites and even any music you're using from paid or copyright free websites can also help fill the character requirements. make sure you create clickable links too. the beginning of the description can be a simple thank you for watching and what the video is about.

Another crucial thing is to include a link to your subscribe button. This will automatically open the subscribe button so they can be encouraged to subscribe quicker. See image below. Hope this helps.


Stanley OrchardBuddy

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What @Brave Starr is talking about is what those guys are referring to. It makes no difference how long your description is. However, the first 200 characters are weighted more heavily for SEO purposes. So if you are optimizing for a term you want that term to be in the first 200 characters.

Also there are a lot of different numbers here; first 300 characters, 100-150, 200 etc... let me clarify the distinctions. It is the first 200 characters that is weighted more heavily for SEO purposes. 140 characters is where the line is drawn between what gets viewed before the bounce when expanding the description of a video, although this can vary depending on what device you are using to view the description (I think it cuts to 100 characters for some mobile devices). Afraid there is no significance at the 300 character mark.