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Video Review Only getting view on my shorts


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(Please don’t take this review in the wrong way) I liked the montage and I think the music was good while you were playing the game but at the beginning of the video you switch between a black screen and the gameplay really fast. You should probably put a seizure warning before that or in the title of the video just to be safe. The thumbnail also could be worked on too. Maybe you could use a clip of the gameplay in the thumbnail because when I saw the picture, I didn’t know what the video would be. The audio at the start of the video also sounds a little weird until the beat drops. Overall, the video was good in my opinion. Keep at it and you’ll get there, just remember to be patient as this stuff takes time.

Jon Chaffin

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Hey buddy. I'll be honest it was hard for me to watch.

The music in the first part of the video was enough for me to take my headset off. It was extremely hard on the ears. The sound track for the rest of the video really didn't seem to really flow the best with the video.

The game play itself was great when I was able to focus on it. You def know how to get in there and have a damn good time and it was very entertaining when I was able to focus on that. With that said, maybe ease off on the crazy transitions and effects. You have great footage there man and it's fun to watch, but the effects were insanely distracting and confusing. Especially during the middle parts of the video.

Suggestions : try working with straight cut, dissolve, or additive transitions. They're smooth as hell and are very quick. Some times the best fast paced transitions are those with zero effects. Maybe even add in some text graphics super quick that denote high lights of a certain clips. Lastly, try to find a music set that flows more like a viking going to battle and less like a death metal lead singer doing drugs off a strippers arse.

Rise Of Jay Cee

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My advice to you would be to not making intro like that. It was surprisingly loud and it a turn off for many viewer. It would be also nice to have some voiceover because for me personally video montage with just music alone is soo boring unless you can make it awesome with sound effects that doesn't annoy the viewer. Try making your thumbnails more appealing to look at because your thumbnail will determined if people wanted to click to watch your videos. Work on your audio balancing, include some voiceover and improve on your thumbnail. These changes can help improve your channel in the long term.


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Man, I love it. :laughing:
For me, your video is cool.
But.... (Okay, there's a but :D)
Instead to looks like a gameplay, your video looks more like a game trailer or a music video clip for me. Well, off course if you did it on purpose to promote your channel, then, well done.