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Lifestyle Channel Mom Influencer/ Mothehood Journey


New Member
User name: Momshiesjournal
Title: Mom Influencer/ Mothehood Journey
Age: 37
Type of collaboration: Hi everyone I'm not new to YT channel but my channel is not yet active and i want to pursue working with small company to have me as ambassador. X- deals are welcome.Please let's help each other to grow.
Amount of Subscribers: 1,850
Ways to contact you: hannahkoreana31@gmail.com
IG: iamchecortez
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/che.r.cortez
Why should they collaborate with you: I'm a mother and a teacher at the same time .I want to explore my YT channel and I dont know how and where to start.
Link to Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCrI3fPb4pNtHQqnaYLQmLCA