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Facebook What Do You Think About Facebook's New Company Name Meta?

Brave Starr

Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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Just so we're clear, Facebook, the social media site, is not changing it's name to Meta. Basically what's going on is Mark the Zuck decided to change the name of the parent company Facebook to Meta like Google did a little whiles back changing Google into Alphabet which is the parent company and umbrella for all of Google's services like Google Search, Chrome, Gmail and even Android.

In Facebook's case Meta is now the parent company and umbrella for Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus. It might seem confusing to some but in the end it's all the same with the exception of some legal stuff that changes for them. I think it's just meant to sound cool while also avoiding the fallout of Facebook's problems so that it seems like Meta is the one that messed up, not Facebook.

So what do you think about the changes?

Tito Tim

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Google changed their name? I suppose Meta will mean about as much as Alphabet. A pretty much ignored name... Just my impression.


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I will still mindlessly share mediocre memes and occasionally check in with family on it like nothing's changed, so no big reaction for me here :joy:


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Meta is a good rising platform in the upcoming times. I must say! The way companies are approaching towards it and opening different store is quite impressive.


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If you google about the definition of meta it will appear like this: (Meta) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential. So it's kind of right word to explain why Facebook changed it's name. On a lighter note, the future is all about metaverse so Facebook may be planning to do something in it that could be the reason also.

But, we can only make assumptions only mark Zuckerberg know the real reason behind it.