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Life Do You Celebrate The Upcoming Holidays?

Brave Starr

Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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My favorite time of the year officially starts today for me. While I like Halloween, to me it usually marks the end of when I am not allowed to listen to Christmas music without feeling weird about it. I know many might think November 1st is way to early for Christmas music and I will agree, in public or out loud. But as for my personal use while I'm working or relaxing at home I can listen to it without feeling weird about it. To be perfectly honest I don't know why Christmas isn't a season rather than a day or even a month. Why not incorporate Thanksgiving into the Christmas season? Many people already start decorating before Thanksgiving (us Latinos mostly :D) and stores, looking to make those extra bucks early, already started selling Christmas stuff with the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff and Black Friday sales, meant to get your Christmas shopping started early, is already becoming a month long event rather than a one day thing for people to kill each other over an ugly sweater or cheap TV.

Like I said, I'm Latino so we celebrate the holidays like it's a birthday every day. We even go so far as to celebrate 3 Kings day on January 6 and we Puerto Ricans also have what we call the octavitas which is basically extending our winter vacation 8 more days after 3 Kings day to finish off whatever food and drinks we couldn't finish during Christmas, New Years and 3 Kings day.

How about you? Do you celebrate the holiday seasons?