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Video Review Avocado Visits Spook-Trackula - Halloween 2021!


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Hey Avocado, nice to meat you. (Intentional) cute channel. I assume focused on kids. Seems super easy to produce. I don’t have kids so…
The ride seemed a little long and slow. Just a touch. Started to drag, my complaints about the rides usually. Maybe a minute shorter woulda felt perfect. But if I was paying I’d want it 3 minutes longer! Maybe increase playback speed. On parts. Lol. Seemed pretty decent ride to go on. If you could do VR that would be AWESOME. The lights at the beginning were really cool.
Were you focusing on the coolest portion of each ride? I wondered what else am I missing. If you moved around a lot it’d seem jerky though. Felt a flashing light warning might be warranted.
I like the lighting on your character intro And on your scenes, do you have a little led light box thing?
The soundtrack was kinda “spooky”. Did you put it in? Or the ambiance of the location? I thought maybe a different song through would be nice midway through
I was watching on TubeBuddy. It paused and went to black a couple times. Also didn’t see the next video selection portion. So the outro seemed like 20 seconds too long. But I’m new. Figuring out the tolerances of the audiences. Overall, I really liked it, intro was cute and smooth. Ride started on a good roll. Started to drag, ended with a conclusion/ nice send off. Who is the monkey?Better than coco melon
Hope the company doesn’t lose paying customers, advertisement for next year.


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Hello there! I absolutely love the premise of this video as I'm all about spooky and I also find ride videos very entertaining, particularly themed ones. My personal take on the music is that it didn't quite fit the ambiance of the ride, it was a bit on the intense side for a slower train ride. More cuts between sections rather than panning from one scene to another may have lended a bit more flow and excitement to the video. Other than that I thought it was very good!


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User name: Avocado
Title of thread: Avocado Visits Spook-Trackula - Halloween 2021!
Self review: I haven't done a video in 5--6 months, I am back, however I feel like I am missing something.
Channel review or Video review? Video review

Link to Video:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exoUnnlevcs

Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/44999/post-144397
This is much better than I thought it would be. Having the character in the beginning is FANTASTIC. I like how animated and wonderfully lit the intro is. The footage of the train ride is great, with lots of visuals and colors to take in. What I think could've made it better is to have that character do commentary at various places in the video to draw attention to what you're trying to show, and keep the viewers connected to what I assume is a brand identity. Also, this is one long continuous shot, which means that a lot of stuff could be missed that is out of frame. Getting footage with another pass getting different shots and then cutting them together would make a better visual journey. Tightening that all up with your character's dialogue added in would be more engaging. Also, the music is overbearing. If this was turned down and your audience could hear reactions from others and the sounds of the event throughout, they could feel more like they were there. With a proper trim, I think this would probably make a 5 minute video that would overall be even better.


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The thumbnail is on spot!
And the character introduced, I love that guy!
I am not sure if it is a video for kids or something a little deeper like Alice in Wonderland. There is a lot of room for material.

As the guys said before, after the introduction, it gets really slow paced, and the music quality goes down. This can be enhanced easily!
Keep it up!


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Hi, Avocado.
I'd say what's missing is the actual immersion of the ride.
It seems like you removed the sounds of the footage and put some music over it. If your camera audio isn't good, try to put sounds effects over it that could replicate or amplify the experience you had while been there.
Now, maybe I missed the goal of that video and isn't aiming at being spooky, if so don't mind my post.
Also, you have a huge opportunity do to some VR video to increase the experience.
Hope this helps.