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Gaming Channel Gaming collaboration... for a better world.

User name: RandomFandomOfficial
Title: Gaming collaboration... for a better world.
Age: 25
Type of collaboration: Requirements:

- You must know about modern gaming's predatory practices... or be willing to learn about them and share the info with your viewers.
(Things we'll explore: Engagement Optimized Matchmaking aka Rigged "SBMM" Matchmaking , Predatory Progression Systems aka Grinding, Gambling Mechanics aka Lootboxes, Always Online Requirements/DRM, ect.)

This will include using Discord or a similar platform such as Guilded.gg or Element (A free, open source chat client for Matrix. https://matrix.org), as I'll be sharing some patent documents with you.

- You must possess at least some basic computer knowledge. Many older games/mods/remasters may require a manual install, unlike typical games on Steam.
(We'll be exploring alternatives to the "status quo" games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, ect.)

- You may not be a "shill". If you like "Call of Duty" or other similar modern games so much you aren't willing to quit playing it to try something else, then don't apply. I am boycotting those types of games, so I won't be playing them (perhaps, except for research purposes only).

I'll be reviewing your channels, so reply with your channel links.

- Lastly, you must have good English. I only know English. lol

Type of content we'll probably be making:
- Tutorials showing how to install alternative games/mods/remasters
- Tutorials showing how to connect to community-run multiplayer servers
- Gameplay videos of alternative games
- Documentaries about modern gaming's predatory business practices

Other things to note:
- This collab will probably last for multiple videos
- My internet sucks (I live in a rural area in the US, so my internet is around 3 mbps. Sending files may take a while, and video chatting may not be so pleasant.)
- I plan on buying an iPad so we could perhaps do collaborative video editing.
- If all goes well, I may share information with you about how you can setup a website and a forum... completely for free, as part of my "thank you" for taking part in the collab.
Amount of Subscribers: 100
Ways to contact you: Thread reply, or through my social media.

If you reply via social media, let me know you came from the TubeBuddy Forums.
Why should they collaborate with you: You can learn how to save money by boycotting bad business practices, make better "unique" gaming content, and also learn some extra technical knowledge along the way. (I can show you how to go multiplatform, and start your own website where you can share your content and garner your own private completely for free!)
Link to Channel: https://youtube.com/randomfandomofficial