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Lifestyle Channel I would like to collab with a few people to create some Dope content


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User name: RyTv
Title: I would like to collab with a few people to create some Dope content
Age: 21
Type of collaboration: podcast, conversational and informal videos
Amount of Subscribers: 0
Ways to contact you: shaunrichardson1992@yahoo.com. shaunrich20@gmail.com. Ry Richardson(Facebook). RysPerspective(Twitter)
Why should they collaborate with you: I love to pick the brains of others to come to real solutions to worldly problems. I feel as if collaborating with me could do wonders for us both far as youtube and in life. Im a person that iks fair and wants to learn. We just have to get the ball rolling.
Link to Channel: UCcyzTthD950bjH-JhiGTzFA

Mauro's Mission

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I’m ‘johnjohns solution soldiers’ for my channel name and watch some of my content and see if someone who has a crazy channel with a loyal fan base, can help with any good ideas you might have. I talk about my 10 years of prison plus a whole bunch of related things as well as not related things. So if my channel and content is ok with you, and you got any ideas, just let me know in there under a video in a message