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Channel Review Can you please review my channel?


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User name: Tapz
Title of thread: Can you please review my channel?
Self review: First of all its gaming channel. My channel is pretty new and I am still improving. Im just a little confused about which direction to proceed about my content. Anyway i want you to review my channel in depth and criticise as hard as you can so i can improve. Please don't just say "Your content is cool, keep it going and you will got it eventually" because thats all my friends say already and thats the reason im here to ask for your review.
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRrrkLwUjzZW0pG0Oc3pbQ
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/44121/


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work on the confidence, you have a great ideal, but your just not as sure of it as you think. With time that'll improve. You need to practice talking to thee camera. getting comfortable in showing who you are not just the game. Personality is key. The game just keeps them coming, your personality is what makes them stay. use different backgrounds until you find the one for you as well as your audience. Just keep grinding and itll smooth itself out if you put in the work!

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Having looked at your channel I have noticed a few things mostly video related but starting at the channel level.
  1. The description of your channel doesn't outline what your about and it doesn't fit in with your content cause 17 are Minecraft, 2 CSGO, 5 others so I'd craft it more defined along with saying how regular your content is.
  2. The thumbnails don't standout and don't provide full context in what your video is about.
  3. You change Minecraft series very quickly and often.
  4. Your tags in the videos aren't utilizing the full potential since your not using most of the 500 available characters.
  5. The audio on your videos needs some major work if your able to since it comes across as to loud (headphone user) along with the ambient noise.
  6. Recording quality needs to be up so it doesn't look fuzzy cause at at 1080p resolution it's still fuzzy and looks like 360/480p
Overall your channel has potential but I'd change the focus to quality of the content from quantity since I've noticed your putting out a video every single day but if your can do both then that's really good but I'd say keep up the work and you'll get there.


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Hey Topaz! I love gaming, but don't know a lot about Minecraft (so I'll stay away from reviewing content specifics for the most part). All of these pointers are of course just that, so use what you want and toss the rest away:)

Easiest Change:
#1. Decide what your channel is about. Your channel banner is nice but instead of Like, Share, Subscribe, put a tag line that states what you offer. People don't just click on Minecraft vids to watch others play (unless they are really established), so figure out what you want to "give" to the viewer. If you wanted to offer gameplay it may say: Minecraft Gameplay That Doesn't Suck or Minecraft on the Lappy. Something very simple that is exactly what you do and will be showing. Don't make people guess.

Moderate Change:
#2. I watched a few videos, including the newest ones, and your audio has improved! Still some volume spikes and a bit hard to understand, but I'm older and don't know the jargon so it's fine. The only thing of note is that I can hear the keys and mouse clicks very well, which for me is fine because I like it...but not everyone may. Maybe try to remove these sounds or iron out the spikes so it doesn't just sound like screaming occasionally?

Difficult Change:
#3. Start to plan out your videos and think of how to attract more people to click. For example, your latest video is When you play with a bedrock player... I, as someone who has never played Minecraft, does not know what a bedrock player is. If you had a video that was titled "Bedrock Minecraft Versus Java, What's the Difference?" then I would be intrigued and click on that...even if I wasn't into Minecraft. Then your very next video could be "How To Win As A Bedrock Player" or "Bedrock Player STUNS Us, But NOT ME!!!"
When you do this don't give away everything in the thumbnail...if I see Victory then I already know that you won. If you put up your character with a ? over his head looking at a bed + rock = blur overlay of Minecraft background then I want to know what the heck is going on and I would click the video.

Good stuff:
I love your sense of humour.
I love that your banner is simple.
I love that your logo is simple and easily tells me you play Minecraft/that you are a gamer.
You being willing to improve and taking advice to change stuff shows flexibility. Great job!!!
Now "Your content is cool, keep it going and you will got it eventually" :imp:;):joy: