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Channel Review Recently changed our theme and thumbnails. We want your honest review :)


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User name: AnnysKoreanLife
Title of thread: Recently changed our theme and thumbnails. We want your honest review :)
Self review: Hello, and thank you so much for your interest. We are international couple living in Korea. We make our YouTube channel to give entertainment through our marriage life. The theme of this channel is to achieve 1 couple goals in 1 episode. It can be 'giving a skincare to husband' or 'making a custom bicycle to wife'. We also try to show how our different cultural backgrounds blend in with each other's life. Our first goal is to give entertainment to people based on our character. We don't want to be seen as 'cultural ambassador' or 'couple vlogers' (of course there is nothing bad about it). So we would like to ask you, your honest review about our channel. Any kind of criticism except for swear or vague review is very welcomed and appreciated. Thank you very much again :)
Channel review or Video review? Channel review
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLo7HCJ5j1Iu7PjCWSZVFzA
Link to other review post: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/44549/post-143221


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Hi Anny,
My channel review for you is:
Welcome to Korea, I lived there 2 years, loved it. 37 y/o American/ in US, Was too tall for some everland rides.
I like the change in thumbnails. Before some details were far off. Especially on my phone it’s hard to pick up what you’re showcasing. More zoom on you guys facial expressions. Take pictures away from wall looks flat. I don’t the love the font, May be a good selection for your maybe Malaysian audience, and elsewhere. I think the text colors are generally good and catching to the eye.
Maybe some suspense in your titles, have people click for story to unfold/ dramatic reveal. I like the attempt at ownership of SEO keywords couple goals.. make people think they know how it unfolds, but need to watch to find out. Did they? Will she? Similar to the husband cooking video, more like that. I like everything, that video got a little bit of traction. “Men mess everything up.”
Some other ideas, grocery shopping, 4 wheeling, fun locations/ travel spots, more skits, pick out each other’s clothes. Street life; like “tasty travel” YT. Find a way to share info/ teach something to someone, “oh I didn’t know that”
checkout “film booth” on YouTube, pretty helpful to me. Very new to this:
Hope this was somewhat helpful. I just started a channel focused on my Korean dogs, I think we’re gonna do cooking, travel/wash dc, product review, some daily life, lists,. Ahh do more lists! Everyone loves them or loves to tell you you’re wrong. Come visit, I’ll show you how to make kimchi!! Good luck, see you again sometime.


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Also, more list type video, things foreigners need to know about excelling in Korean culture. Things Not to do: things the same in both cultures. Versus video. I know you’re looking for more entertainment type content. No shame for plagiarizing in the real world. Think that’s it for now.


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Just a first impression here, not a complete review.

Are you targeting other Malaysians only or other English speaking countries?

As an American, I was confused by "Anny n Gyo". I took that to mean "Anny and Gyo" or "Anny & Gyo" based on your channel art. But it could just be me. It is clear you are a couple so my thinking is make it easy for someone new like me to understand that.

Some of your thumbnails have a LOT of text to read. That doesn't help interest me, it tends to run me off.

Also, some of your thumbnail text are unreadable because they are too small. Fortunately, you use high contrast lettering which is helpful.

I have mixed feelings about emoji's in titles especially if it takes away from the rest of the title I can see. But that is only an impression, not something that necessarily needs to be corrected.

However, what clearly comes through is the humor which is a good thing!

Last thing, It seems are you making Shorts. If so, I was told we have to include the tag #shorts in the title or it will simply be considered a standard video. I have not done shorts yet but my understanding is that you have to have that tag in the title. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can clarify that.