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Gear Advice iPhone13 for vlogging?


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People who have spent money on iPhones have more than enough tech power to do most types of video. The camera and video quality of iPhones are very good. However, all phones need and external microphone for good audio.

I don't have an iPhone because I can't bring myself to spend nearly $1,000 on a phone despite the fact it has superior camera & video qualities.

But since you have one, I would go use it unless you want to spend even more money on DSLR cameras and all that it entails.


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I'd say yes it would be good, but as Matt mentioned, you need a good mic for it. You also don't even need the latest and greatest. A lot of the iPhones can be set to record in 4K which the quality is very good. I'm busy working with some footage recorded solely on an iPhone 12 Pro using the Rode VideoMic Me-L. The audio came out surprisingly good, even in outdoor conditions.

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Not when I can buy a proper cinema camera for $800. Z-cam E2C.
Wow, that's an impressive camera and looks pretty small considering what it does. I may just have to bookmark that one for a future consideration. I got myself a Canon M50 as an improvement over my Logitech C920 webcam but soon after realized something I didn't know was a thing with these kinds of cameras. They often have a 30 minute limit on video recording as a standalone which is why I got it. Total bummer. Totally killed my point for buying it. I do have a Google Pixel 4a which has one of the best cameras on a smartphone and cost me less than $400. I can always use that in the meantime.


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It's a good idea, but definitely consider getting an external microphone. I recommend something like Rode's VideoMic range