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Other Tomorrow is the big day for ?

Live Polarex

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Tomorrow is the big Day for me. on 05/10/2021 we leave at 17:00
will go to Norway from The Netherlands all the way to norway .. hope every thing goes well have corona-paper and booked boat trip
is a big trip by Car on the 6 We arrive at the destination between 17:00 and 18:00 in norway there is special very beautiful Telescope waiting for me
well if i can get in norway ..hahaha
THE TELESCOPE NAVE IS NATURALLY (( POLAREX )) can tell you are not many of this size very rare to have one ????? once in a lifetime
this telescope is so big about or more than 3 meters high that is a telescope the very very rare telescopes super cool
if you Don't Know polarex telescope description this telescope is in BLACK and White classic ...hope to see you...

this one of mine rare telescopes
is the polarex 132F on a pier