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YouTube Question The question of the rapid development of a professional channel with a small advertising budget

Nilza Soares

New Member
Greetings friends. To be honest, I mainly made channels in another language (in Russian) and achieved some success. And now we want to start developing a channel in English (let's say tops and facts in style). The question is, at the very beginning of the channel, as you know, it is very difficult to get at least 10 views and a couple of likes if the channel is just beginning. And even so, you can spoil a lot of videos before they start watching.

A question about services and various micro freelance exchanges. For example, in Russian, sometimes people ask many friends and acquaintances to watch the video. There are also special services where you can ask real people to perform similar actions for a couple of cents. See the full episode of your blog, for example, and like it if he likes it. And in the beginning it helps a little in my opinion.

The question is, is there a similar service for the English-speaking audience to introduce people to our channel at least a little at the beginning? Or do you think that it is still worth uploading, for example, 1 or even 2 videos per day, for example, for the month that we have saved up to this time.

As you understand it is difficult and expensive, I'm afraid there will be little sense in this on the new channel, since YouTube simply won't see them?

I also tried google ads for this channel, but people from india and arab countries just clicked it and there was a 10 second video retention, so it only got worse)) And I'm good at it, but this time I didn't succeed, maybe in the USA advertising is very expensive and just a lot of competition and it will be too expensive. I haven’t understood this yet, but I didn’t manage to make an official advertisement in fact.

Give advice on what to do now, while there are few videos and views on YouTube, but you need to upload videos and you need at least someone to watch them.