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YouTube Tips Just A Little Knowledge For New People


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A forum, such as this for Tubebuddy, is a wonderful thing to get people new to the program acclimated to using it and figure a few things out. Now don't take this wrong but it's just the way things are. Not everyone starting a YouTube is at the same motivation, or determination, level. There are some people who just look at it as fun or maybe a hobby or just even filming the family when on vacations, holidays, etc. And that's fine.

For those looking for more out of the time they are "investing" into starting and running a YouTube channel don't expect to spend money and not get much "USEFUL "Free" advice. Yes, there is Free advice all over the internet and on YouTube. But remember the golden rule "Advice is worth what you pay for it." This is because the harder things get to learn the more people that drop off and quit. Only the 10% "or 1% depending on how difficult" the topic, makes it further much harder to succeed. Why is this? Time and Problem Solving.

No matter what niche, skill, topic, etc that you undertake problems are going to arise. Some are easy but most will be semi-difficult or just plain hard to figure out. And this takes TIME and I've said it before and I'll say it again TIME is MUCH more valuable than MONEY and it's not even a comparison. This is because WE ALL are going to pass away at a pre-determined time in the future and every second that ticks by are just getting you closer to that time. MONEY will ALWAYS or maybe not 'always' be here but one thing for sure "it will outlive us." So it's really hard to put a monetary value of every second, minute, hour, etc of your life. But the time you've spent in learning "if it has taken you some time to learn" makes knowing that particular thing now VERY valuable and WHY WOULD YOU GIVE IT AWAY?

Do I give away advice on YouTube? Yes. As most people on YouTube do no matter what topic or niche you're researching. The information their giving away is BASIC or COMMON knowledge. Literiall, information that you can find out on your own for FREE and literally YOU ARE this is how you find out stuff either from YouTube or an article on a blog.

So learning for FREE on YouTube, blogs, etc is just going to get you to the average of what everyone else knows in whatever field you're studying. What is going to make you different or better? WHAT YOU YOURSELF LEARN ON YOUR OWN AND REFUSE TO GIVE AWAY. This is YOUR USP. If you don't know that term, right-click on it and search Google. Don't expect to be held by the hand all the time. I know it sounds harsh, but also remember that I have memberships in 5 different topics and people pay me to teach them. I'm like that very hard professor in college you had. Well some of you probably had. Not everyone can afford to go to college and most shouldn't waste there money on it to begin with "but that a whole other topic altogether.

I have mentioned this before and I'm NOT comparing anything or anything just trying to help people best I can. But why do I bring this all up?

I have spent about 68 hours this week studying one particular topic and that is why certain videos out rank other videos "by a large margin" when their channel is much less than the one they out ranked by both views and subs. This came to my attention while researching keywords using TubeBuddy for the MMO (make money online) niche and I found one site "Finance Girl" that completely dominates most ALL keywords in that niche. Even over channels that are 3 times more views and subscribers and have been around longer than here and even have 2-4 times more videos. This was TROUBLING to be because WHY?

Well, I found out, like I said "and just in my opinion from my research" but I have tested it on other niches too which takes MORE time and it seems to prove itself. But to find out the answer it took VidIQ, TubeBuddy, Ahref, SocialBlade, and 2 other programs to track it down. And after doing this I though lets make a video and put it up on my Channel. Then said why? I have close to 70 full hours invested into this? And besides giving this away to people who are just going to view it and move on and do nothing, again WHY?

And this is why the subject came up. So I figure I'd come over here and let others know that the time you put into learning being a content creator IS and investment into yourself, brand and business. Take care of it. Don't treat it cheaply because it has value and giving it away is disrespecting it and the time you invested in learning it.
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" Bookmark saved successfully. " i saved it ! very informative thank you for sharing


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Yeah, one of the things I learned on YouTube is people who want to be entertained don't want to buy anything. I think of how many of the fishing methods and techniques I've had to learn being out on the river, tons of time literally dragging a weight on the bottom of the river to figure out what the bottom of the river structure was, where the fish hide, how to catch them. People just expect you to give all that information away for free, then they don't do anything with it. They didn't have to pay the price, why should they get to eat the pie?