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Editing Software What Editing Software you have?


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sometime I use filmora in my laptop and Adobe premiere but the most thing is Adobe premiere

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I use Corel Video Studio Ultimate for most editing. I know there are better options, I just have been using this software since the 90s and am comfortable with it. It has a lot more power than it used to be and is not a subscription software like Adobe. I refuse to use subscription-based software. Just a personal pet peeve of mine. You can buy Video Studio and use it for however long you want to. The program costs about $100, but if you wait till the end of the cycle before the release of their next version, you can find specials on it for around $25 for the Ultimate edition that has everything, including several other software titles. So it cost me $25 a year to keep the latest greatest version, but only if I want to. The color grading abilities have gotten a lot better over the last ten years.

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I just use the simple video editor that comes on Windows. It's just called "Video Editor." You can also edit videos on Canva, but it's tricky.


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I use Shotcut currently, but I'm learning to use DaVinci Resolve, because I find some of Shotcut's features a little bit counter intuitive to use