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Gaming Channel Collaboration On Call of Duty


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User name: DrGaucheGaming
Title: Collaboration On Call of Duty
Age: 16 to 20
Type of collaboration: I'd like to collaborate with an in-game video (warzone, call of duty vanguard, cold War or modern warfare) or just plain YouTube video. I'm on PC & PS5
Amount of Subscribers: 22
Ways to contact you: Forum conversation or any of my social accounts
Why should they collaborate with you: I'm an extremely good player. Check out my vids to confirm
Link to Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCBifQeACWTdy3Af5ksYcFlg
Call of Duty is a garbage game... but I may be open to do a collab on Insurgency, Day of Infamy, or America's Army Proving Grounds.

Engagement Optimized Matchmaking/P2W, predatory grinding, excessive microtransactions and gambling mechanics.. these are all reasons why Call Of Duty is a garbage game.

Insurgency, Day of Infamy, and America's Army Proving Grounds lack additional purchases and are far cheaper and better games. In the case of America's Army Proving Grounds, it's a completely free game. I also have a free community-made remaster of Battlefield 2 with mods, as well as Arma and Operation Flashpoint.

My contact: @randomfandomyt on Twitter & Instagram.
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