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YouTube Opinion Watch Hours


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I wanna know if I hit 4000 watch hours and suddenly I delete my viral videos that got me the 4000 watch hours, am I gonna loose that watch hours and start again or it will be there for me to continue? Any suggestions please!!!


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@KS Moto Cafe is exactly right because I just turned all my videos private on my channel because I'm changing the direction of the channel and it had 3500 views at the time. Now it shows -3500 views. Now does that mean my channel starts over from 0 or does it start counting down the negative 3500 which means I'm 3500 in the hole now. So I have to get "back" 3500 views just to get back to 0? Who knows? I don't for sure at this time. But I'll find out and then I'll have information on this for others in the future. At least from my experience.