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Camera Gear Camera and Lighting system.


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Anyone with the help of introducing a better gear for my educational videos, getting a camera with Good quality is always my dream. Help with suggestions please!


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There are a lot of equipment suggestions on this forum already if you search this forum! So please try the search feature.

But also instead of getting hung up on apple vs android, sony vs canon, mac vs PC, etc I think most people recommend you just start with what you have! Then as you learn what you need for your unique channel/niche/environment you can start upgrading.

For most people that means starting with a phone as current phones have pretty decent cameras in them. Then add a wired mic to your phone for better audio. Then get your first video light. Then go back and upgrade from camera phone to mirrorless/dslr camera. If you already have access to a mirrorless or dslr camera then you are just one step ahead!

The specific brands of equipment don't matter as much as people think. Most brands have multiple tiers of products at different price points. Personally I've enjoyed the Sony eco-system and would recommend the new Sony ZV-E10 as a great starter mid-tier option.