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YouTube Help Monetization Eligibility


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Hi All!

Sorry if this has a thread somewhere, but I can't seem to find one for my specific question. I am at 230 hours left to qualify for monetization. My question is this:

I have Disney Ambient Sounds playlist that has different park area music loops. These videos are by no means my highest performing videos but I just started getting really nervous that YouTube will reject my monetization request when it's time due to this. I knew that since it was copyrighted already, I would never make money off of those, I just know how much I love the area loops and wanted to share them.

These aren't copyright strikes - just can't be monetized. So far it says I have no community guidelines strikes but I wish they showed the monetization guidelines for reference.

Any thoughts??


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I think they going to give u a option to mute the video for that soundtrack or part of the video! Monetization request took me one day to get approve so I don't think it will take long for u