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YouTube Help Switching Editing Software


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Had my M1 iMac for a couple of months now and as I bought through the educational offer, I added the pro software bundle that included Final Cut Pro X.

Up until then I had been using Filmora X, which is super easy to use and to be fair has been improving very quickly with new add ons/versions every couple of weeks.

My YT production schedule is 2 videos a week and with other stuff going on I am struggling to make the switch from Filmora to FCP, and even questioning whether it is worth the time investment as Filmora works OK.

Am I just being lazy and will FCP result in faster/better production? If yes, any ideas of how I can make the switch less painful?


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Tom Buck just did a video on this topic. Worth taking a look:

That said, there is going to be a learning curve. The good news is that most pro-level editors have more in common than they do differences. So the jump to FCP may suck, but once you know FCP, using Davinci or Premiere is much easier as they use similar conventions and keyboard commands.

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Man I am considering making the leap into PC editing at some point... I absolutely do not look forward to learning all new software all over again. Suuuuuuucks!

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I'm in a similar boat. I started editing on Camtasia before I switched to Vegas Pro and the change was difficult at first. I even gave Da Vinci a try and got even more confused so went back to Vegas. Now I have access to Adobe Premier, have had it for several months now, and have yet to build the courage to learn a whole new video editing experience. And bare in mind, I am not currently producing content. Just, keeping my skill sharp for when i do start again.