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YouTube SEO A contrarian view on SEO


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I'm wondering if YouTube pays much attention to key words and other SEO. I have very few subscribers and the first 10-12 shorts that I made didn't even have descriptions. But still I go a couple thousand views. What did YouTube use to pick who to show it to? I'm betting their AI can do all kinds of magic including voice-to-text for their own keyword analysis, voice pacing, scene changes, image analysis and I bet they can do what might be called keyimage analysis and probably dozens of other measures that their algorithms probably trust and value much higher than my choice of keywords.

They probably even reverse engineered all the search engines for other social media. I wonder if they know what would be the best keywords for my content if I were to post it on Facebook, Twitter ,TicTok etc.

For my shorts it literally takes longer (2x-4x) for me to pick keywords (with TB tools) than it does for me to make another short. Maybe I should leave search to the experts at YouTube and make more original content.

Heck, this post could be a short. I think that I will do that.