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The Kitchen Gamer

Making Food from everyday and from Video Games
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I've got two thumbnails which I've done and I'm just pressed for what the general consensus is around them and what people think of them. I was also thinking of removing the text explaining what they are.
Without personal Image
Chocolate Chip Biscults without picture.jpg
With Personal Image
Chocolate Chip Biscults.jpg


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Put yourself on the right, or flip the image. General rule is not to have yourself looking off at nothing.

Rich Rooster

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The title...
it has a picture of cookies... you don't have to write the word 'CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.'

It's like you have a picture of a BALL, and you still write the word BALL on top of it.

Your title on the picture should be something like "SECRET RECIPE"..... or something like that.

I think people prefer to click "SECRET RECIPE" than "CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE."

And instead of you looking at the camera like a family photo, tried to give EXPRESSION to your face...
Since the title is "SECRET RECIPE," maybe you should act something like hands covering your mouth or like.
Be expressive.

Background color.
You are wearing a somewhat blueish color, and you also choose a blue background.
Try another color for your background.

Cookies picture.
Add some more brightness and contrast.
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