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YouTube Opinion I’m Posting a Video On YouTube Every Single Day For 90 Days…..Here’s A Breakdown


New Member
Interested to hear how you got on with this. I wonder if your findings are similar to my own.

I started brand new to youtube with a similar challenge, 100 videos in 100 days.

Albeit I didn't have the experience you have.

I managed 87 of 100 and I was exhausted!

The main takeaways:

Positive: It broke the fear barrier, made me accountable, helped me realise I love creating youtube content and helping people. I also leveled up my skills fast.

Negative: I had never edited or created a video before, I didn't appreciate how hard it would be, I had to put "actual life" on hold and luckily have a supportive wife Quality was awful. In hindsight, less quantity and more quality.

I realised that pressure works for me but 90 / 100 days is a slog especially around other commitments.

I look forward to reading how it went for you and what advice you would give to anyone thinking of trying.

Plus.... Im interested in how you find a membership in comparison to an fb group. I've been thinking a lot about this myself recently and whether to start a paid membership group.


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O youtube já voltou com minha monetização 3 vezes. E quando volta desmonetiza dizendo que tenho algum vídeo que infringe o regulamento. Mas fica difícil pois não indica qual o vídeo que está infringindo o regulamento. E já exclui dezenas e quando acho que a monetização vai retornar bloqueiam novamente por mais 30 dias. Alguém nesse fórum poderia me ajudar a resolver esse problema já já pendura por alguns meses? FICARIA MUITO AGRADECIDO SE ALGUÉM CONSEGUIR ME AJUDAR.