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Thumbnail Feedback Canva and picart are the best

The Kitchen Gamer

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For me it just looks really busy and the text and the products don't stand out since it would be good to focus on the products and make them standout with the text.
Also the multi color background is also a bit distracting from the products.

Stanley | Team TB

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I use Snapseed and Picsart for everything I do... Snapseed for general photo edits and then Picsart for cutouts, text and overlays. The combination of these two works really well for us mobile-only creators.


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My suggestion would be never depend on a tool because they come and go. A tool might not be around forever, or as long as your channel is, so you're basically saying that if Canva goes so does your thumbnail-creating ability? I hope not. There's plenty of graphics programs that can do the same thing and when you own a business, and manage it properly, spending money is a good thing because it provides a tax write-off at the end of the year if you manage everything correctly.


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I see people don't use Photoshop anymore wonder why?
I have Photoshop access but it is way too complicated and overkill for the average non-artist. For me, Canva makes creating thumbnails so much easier! Canva has gotten a little pricier for the paid subscription but you can do a lot of neat stuff with the free subscription.

The one thing that makes Canva irresistable is its ability to easily remove backgrounds. It is shockingly easy. I also love that it allows to easily create a glow effect around your headshot that is popular with so many thumbnails.

I could never recommend Photoshop to a non-graphic artist. Canva is for the ordinary person who doesn't have much artistic talent. They make it so easy to create something presentable without a ton of technical know-how.


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I see people don't use Photoshop anymore wonder why?
I have been learning Photoshop for a decade I would say for designs nowadays Canva is very fast and has the elements to use - but some stuff is definitely easier on Photoshop like doing layer masks and stuff