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TubeBuddy Suggestion Video Topic Planner: Add Keyword Score + integrate to Keyword Explorer

Big G

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You allow me to add topics from the keyword explorer which is nice. The challenge is that when I go to pick the most impactful next topic from the planner, I cannot see their score anymore. Furthermore, there is no integration back to Keyword explorer using the title of the topic, which is cumbersome. I suggest adding the score of the Topic Title to the Video Topic Planner to make it easier for me to target the most impactful videos to make. Also, add a link from each topic to the Keyword explorer carrying over the Topic Title so that I can do additional keyword research or fine-tuning. This would be a great usability feature that should be fairly easy to implement as there is no new functionality to develop, just a couple UI upgrades.
TB UI Topic Planner.png


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Yeah, this has been something I personally would like as well. I d understand that the score is dynamic, so it would need to be updated and that may be the reason it is hard to implement. Perhaps something like "this was the score on this date" might work

This gets a like from me.

Stanley | Team TB

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We were just talking about this in a meeting the other day. Sounds like something the devs are going to try and implement.