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I'm now uploading ROBLOX videos!!!


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Hey everyone, TheAGames10 here.

Today in this promotion area, I thought I would link you all to my latest video on my YouTube channel... which is an actual GAMING video!
Yes, I am now branching out to new areas of YouTube while "Power Rangers: Dino Fury" is on a hiatus until the fall, and I am even having commentary on my ROBLOX videos. I am really hoping there is people out there that enjoy my latest gaming videos, because I like playing on Roblox, and I am even thinking of returning to Minecraft videos in the future.

I really want to get my gaming videos to over 1k views since they recently haven't been doing well in views lately even though my sub count is over 100k, but I was inspired by a friend to just do them and be proud of what they are.

If anyone on these forums wants to watch my latest Roblox video, they can watch it here, hopefully you enjoy it: