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YouTube Help 4000 Watchtime means how much views


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I guess it varies depending on your viewers watch time. Let's say you have a one hour video with 4000 views, and all of that viewers watch your video from 0 to 60 minutes. So now you have 4000 watch hours. But if you have one hour video with 4000 views, and the all of those viewers only watch from 0-30 minutes, now you have 2000 watch hours. But I could be wrong tho.


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Completely depends on how long your videos are, how many views you're getting, and your average view duration. It's different for everyone.


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There is no answer to your question. It is like saying "given x + y = z", what's the value of 'z'? You are missing the 'x' and 'y' values, which are average video length and average view duration.


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If your video length is 60 minute then your video get 4000 watch time. So there's going to be some all kinds of watchers in it within 0-60 minutes. Some must have seen the whole video, some have seen 5 minutes. So YouTube counts the total watching time minute.