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Gaming Channel The Gaming Society is now open for more members to join


New Member
User name: HazzMan4Ever
Title: The Gaming Society is now open for more members to join
Age: 18 - 20+
Type of collaboration: Hey all how's it going. I'm here just to mention my Discord group The Gaming Society or T.G.S for short. I made the group for channels of any size to come join and to make friends with other content creators and to make some fun content together as well. I want this to be a chill environment for people and drama free we don't want any drama in the group. So far T.G.S has 14 members including myself of course so around 15 members all together our timezones are all mixed as most of us are from the UK whilst others are from the US and EU. Our age range in the group is 18 - 20+. Most of us play a variety of different games some of those being the popular stuff like Minecraft, Among Us, Gartic Phone and Skribbl.io we do play other stuff too. We don't have many requirements just don't be mean to others and be in the age range mentioned and also the timezones.

If you're interested comment with your Discord name and I'll add you or just add me on Discord instead I guess. My Discord username is ThisIsHM#4130
Amount of Subscribers: subscriber count doesn't really matter
Ways to contact you: My Discord is ThisIsHM#4130
Why should they collaborate with you: It'll be a lot of fun and also making some new friends is always good :)
Link to Channel: WARNING the channel is empty I'm starting fresh https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIsnuBIEZGg4ldfFYE0exw