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I think content is the first thing too. Let me put it like this. To make a good restaurant, you will need a recipe that people will like(topic), good ingredients with the right amount(editing). But unless you cook it well and attract people it will be hard for you to succeed(title & thumbnail). I think this is the reason why people emphasis the title & thumbnail. However, no matter how good the food looks like, if recipe and ingredients are bad, people will just leave.

Stanley | Team TB

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Make great videos yo!!!! Be always improving... be undeniable and express your inner awesome!!! Throw in a touch of flair with a compelling thumbnail and a dash of keyword research and SEO optimization so that your video gets served to audiences for months or years on end and you have the recipe for amazing!


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To increase your video views in a short time then, you can
  • Create great content for your video.
  • Your video title should be attractive.
  • Make an eye-catching thumbnail.
  • Promote your video on top social media sites.
  • Encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel.

Bears and Butters

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How can increase my videos view
Anywhere we have researched it comes down to having enticing titles and thumbnails first...and then well crafted videos that are within your niche that keeps the user engaged.

Needless to say it's sometimes easier said than done! :laughing:

Luke Anderson

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How can increase my videos view
In my opinion I insert my link on every 16K likes that I found and of course it should be base on the video that related to your video. Like promoting your own business. Sometimes it comes to alluring them that's quite hard. Sort of like, Hey there I made a beautiful video about the....please check it out. In other example is like your video is about Olivia and then I went to the comment section with 1K and 5K and sometimes social media, discord, amino is the best to share and get more views.

Bobby Borg

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Hi, What they tell me is 1) Find topics people want 2) make great videos 3) have great titles and 4) Have great Thumbnails. LOL.....Sounds easy, but it seems to be a bit of mystery at times.


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Appeal to the people in your niche. I found that marketing to people who don't care about my niche or who don't understand why we do what we do don't really understand or care and therefore don't watch. I stopped trying to convert people to like scary stories and just focused on what I could do for those who love them which attracts others who do. Also, get in evolved in communities with others in your niche. Help them out a little and share ideas with them. You'll find that many of them will help you promote your content even though you're somewhat of a competitor. Then turn around and help them, too.