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YouTube Question Has anyone else noticed your impressions going down?

Mr Fishy McFish

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So I usually do pretty good to get my videos ranked for some keywords, and I usually get a lot of impressions unless my video sucks / the thumbnail sucks.

However, I had a video I posted the other day, and straight out of the door YouTube didn't show it to anyone. The impressions were tiny (200 when I can usually hit 800 in the same time period) and the clickthrough rate was good, the average view duration was WAY above my average and yet still YouTube held the video back, I have no idea why. Even now the clickthrough rate is sitting at the channel average and my the average view duration is still high, so why couldn't this video get pushed out.

It didn't get pushed out for any of the search terms I usually rank for either, just a super weird one.

I've heard of some big YouTubers getting less impressions recently for new videos too and I've noticed on my homepage less current videos being shown to me, a lot of random really old videos (some videos from topics I haven't watched in months) so I'm wondering. Did they toy with the algorithm and it's doing some weird stuff, or ?

Will report back after my next video goes up if the same thing happens again!